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M: cardio hula hoop. Interesting Finds Updated daily. Amazon Try Prime All. 1-16 of 239 results detoxen for weight hula hoop fitness, hula, hoop by healthy model Life - easy to Spin, Premium quality and soft padding. To get in the swing, too, try our exhilarating. Hula-hoop workout from Gabriella redding, ceo and creator of hoopnotica. Hula, hoop, fitness teacher Training. No impact, hiit format based on pilates, barre, and yoga - using our speically designed hula hoop. Welcome to your tribe! Hula-hoop, fitness, The loop. Welcome to the newest fitness fundraising craze - every month is a month to hula-hoop and give back! Weighted hula hoop — spice up your workout with hula hooping.

Weighted hula hoops : hoopla or good exercise?

Now Im looking forward to showing off my tummy on the beach this summer. Looks like slank i wont be taking those bikinis to the charity shop after all. For tuition and class enquiries contact Anna at or visit.

of television and move around my living room without smashing things. Whod have thought it? After six weeks of hooping for ten minutes a day, ive improved so much I can now make a phone call mid hooping without sounding like im running for a bus. I can even paint my nails without a smudge. Whats more, the difference its made to my body is phenomenal. My mum tum has shrunk by an amazing 5cm, ive shaved 2cm off my waist and my bottom is 3cm smaller. Plus, ive lost 5lb and when I went shopping the other day, i managed to fit into a size 12 dress for the first time in 15 years! My husband cant believe the change in me and concedes that the inconvenience of having his football matches interrupted was well worth.

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Oh, and my husband finds it annoying if I hoop when hes trying to watch football. When Anna rings for a progress update after four weeks, Im thrilled to tell her just how much ive improved. Im starting to walk around the room while hooping, can turn in a full circle and manage over 1,000 rotations in both directions. Ok, i realise its not even close to the world record of 74 hours non-stop, but its a start. Queen of the swingers: Grace jones hula hooped during fruit her performance at the diamond Jubilee concert. Im eager to up my game - to be honest, hooping on the spot can get repetitive - so Anna suggests reading a book or chatting to a friend while i exercise. Not only will this make the time go faster and occupy my arms, but it should help me learn to hoop almost without thinking. She also suggests going outside and jogging in the park with the hoop. Im less sure about that, mainly because i dont want to become a local laughing stock. Yet surprisingly, its not as embarrassing as Id thought - aside from nearly beheading a passing Labrador, no one gives me a second glance. Plus its a lot easier trying new moves when youre not in danger of tripping over a coffee table.

The next problem is its exhausting! My waist feels warm and Im out of breath within seconds. Ten minutes suddenly feels a very long time. Still, after a week of dogged determination, ive worked out that looking straight ahead rather than down at the hoop helps, meaning I can do 40 rotations before it drops. Three weeks in and Im improving in leaps and bounds - i can manage 100 rotations at a time (about two minutes) and have an impressive golf-ball sized bruise (sorry, war wound) on my hip to show for. Ive also lost a centimetre from around my tummy. The hoop splits into six pieces for travel, so Im even able to take it on a family weekend away. There are still a few issues - the hoops weight makes it surprisingly noisy as it whooshes around you. Im finding sticking out my bottom so far almost impossible. And my arms really ache with the effort of trying to keep them out of the way.

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Some of the women in the class have been hooping for months and Anna shows them how to do tricks like twirling smaller hoops around their wrists at the same time, and moving the hoop from their waist to above their head like a lassoo. It certainly puisten looks impressive, but Id settle for just being able to keep mine going for more than 60 seconds. As for my mission to lose my mum tum, Anna recommends following Kelly Osbornes example and hooping for ten minutes a day. For a more intensive workout, i can try turning round slowly on the spot while the hoop is spinning, walking while hooping and sticking my bottom out to make those muscles work harder. To burn even more calories I should vary the pace - exaggerating my movements to make the hoop go faster, then slowing things down which is actually harder). Armed with this advice, i go home, hoop in hand, to try it for myself. My first problem is where to practise. Its freezing outside, and after an unfortunate incident in the kitchen involving a fully-loaded mug tree, i quickly realise that with my hoop measuring over a metre wide, i will need at least two metres of space to exercise. Which leaves me with the living room. Celeb fans: beyonce, left, and Kelly Osbourne use hula hoops to keep in shape.

That way the hoop sticks to you rather than the fabric, so i opt for a purple vest top and blue leggings. As the class starts, Anna explains that hooping is like riding a bike - its all about finding your own personal rhythm and once youve got it, it never goes. Music helps you relax, making the whole process much easier, so she turns on the stereo and off. Toned up: Jenny shifted her 'mummy tummy' by regularly hula hooping. Getting the hula hoop in flight (to use the technical term) is actually easier than Id boekweit thought - i just hold it around my waist and fling it sideways - but keeping it twirling for more than a few rotations is going to take some. Annas tip is to stay positive - just concentrate on trying to keeping the hoop from falling. Thats easy for her to say, casually spinning her hoop around her neck, but I get countless knocks as mine keeps clattering to the ground. Anna cheerfully explains that bruises are par for the course when learning, and that my stomach will toughen up, so i should look at them as war wounds. Slowly, i start to get the hang of it, although I find it much easier to hoop in an anti-clockwise direction than a clockwise one (apparently this is normal for right-handed people). However, if I can learn to hoop in both directions Ill get better-looking abs, because i will then be working the muscles on both sides of my body. Multi-tasking: Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to hula while texting or reading.

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In five days I lost two inches from my waistline! Michelle Obama, who can apparently hula while kneeling, Grace jones, who hooped throughout her queens diamond Jubilee performance last year, and beyoncé have all credited the humble hoop for their fantastic figures. If they can do it, i reckon, so can. So i arrange to meet hula hooping expert Anna Drury, 30, at brood a gym in south London. Anna first picked up a hoop in 2006 after seeing them used in a performance at a music festival. Noticeable difference: Jenny before the challenge, left, and, right, 5lb lighter with a flatter stomach. Shes been hooping professionally for five years now and teaches in schools, runs adult classes and performs at events worldwide, often using several hoops at once and even setting them on fire. The last time i picked up a hula hoop, i had ankle socks and pigtails, so Im understandably nervous as I join the 12 other women in the evenings class. Anna believes that everyone - even those who are hopelessly uncoordinated like me - can learn to hula hoop. The secret is lots of practice and the right equipment - the larger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to control and the more itll help you tone. Anna recommends the Pro fitness weighted hoop,.99 from Argos, to start with. As for what to wear, apparently the fewer or tighter the clothes the better.

Wearing anything body-hugging still fills me with fear. Scroll down for video of a you hoop class. Hula happy: Jenny wood learmt how to use the hoop to get in shape. Id love to have abs like olympic ontsteking athlete jessica Ennis. And, it would seem, Im not alone. In a recent survey of 3,000 women, 58 per cent said their stomach was the body part they most wished they could change. The problem is, like most people with children or busy lives, i cant spend hours in the gym or afford to hire a personal trainer. But now, thanks to the latest celebrity fitness craze, i may have found an unlikely solution: hula hooping. Im all about hula-hooping right now! Tweeted Kelly Osbourne recently. Five mins in the morning, five mins at night.

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Kelly Osbourne and beyonce credit hula hopping for their fantastic figures. Femail's Jenny wood tried it to help banish her baby weight. She lost 5lb and got a flatter, toned stomach. Published: 22:52 bst, updated: 10:25 bst, going through my wardrobe recently, i found a pile of brightly coloured bikinis languishing in a drawer. They can go straight to the olievlek charity shop, i thought glumly, stuffing them into a bin bag. When I gave apparaten birth to my little boy 18 months ago, i gained something else as well - a wobbly belly, or, as its affectionately known, a mum tum. So, i was pretty sure my bikini-wearing days were over. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate my body. Long walks with a buggy, breastfeeding and running after a toddler have actually helped me lose more than the three stone i put on during pregnancy. But, while the rest of me has slowly shrunk back into shape, my tummy hasnt followed suit.

Hula hoop afvallen
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Gypysi, Sun, May, 06, 2018

Je hebt de hoelahoep op hoogte van de middel om je heen. Drukt hem met én kant tegen je romp en zet je handen los van elkaar op de hoepel zodat je hem een zwaai kan geven. Zwaai de hoepel via de kant op je romp rond. Ga vervolgens met je middel mee in de beweging zodat je elke keer een draai mee kan geven en de hoepel in de lucht blijft. Als de hoepel op je heupen of lager komt zak dan door je knieën en duw de hoepel terug omhoog.

Opugyre, Sun, May, 06, 2018

Het was maar goed ook dat ik de beginners hoepel koos, in het begin kon ik er niets van. Sterker nog mijn vriend moest mij voordoen hoe zon hoelahoep werkt, maar na een paar dagen oefenen kon ik de hoepel al een paar minuten hoog houden. Hoelahoepen doe. Het is niet heel moeilijk, het hoelahoepen.

hula hoop afvallen Kekyquga, Sun, May, 06, 2018

Dat is een hoepel van 1,2 kg met kleine verdikkingen aan de binnenkant. Ik heb die gekozen omdat ik eigenlijk geen idee had welke hoepel goed voor me was. Op de site van Sportbay deed ik een testje en deze hoepel kwam er uit. Hij is niet te zwaar en is daardoor geschikt voor een beginner.

hula hoop afvallen Ypyza, Sun, May, 06, 2018

Het schijnt dat je met de fitness hoelahoep tot maar liefst 100 kcal per 10 minuten kunt verbranden. Dat is ongeveer evenveel als met hardlopen, maar het vraagt ene stuk minder van je spieren en gewrichten en je kan het thuis doen. Je traint ook je buik, want voor de beweging gebruik je de spieren van je core, daarnaast word je ook soepeler in je rug en heupen. Handig voor het hardlopen dus. Welke hoepel heb ik nodig, ik ben begonnen met de, hoela hoep soft (level I).

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De fitness hoelahoep is de hype van het moment, een beetje fitgirl doet het momenteel. Ik dus ook, al was het maar om te testen of het echt wel wat is, want als ik de berichten mag geloven, verbrandt je al hoepend calorieën, train je je buikspieren en wordt je er vrolijk van. Tijd voor een test, want de aanraden kan ik het je pas als ikzelf  ervaring met de fitness hoelahoep heb.

hula hoop afvallen Eqafe, Sun, May, 06, 2018

Jullie hebben het vast al gelezen: ik ben aan de fitness hoelahoep en Rose ook! Dagelijks tien minuten hoepen voor een slank, snel en mooi resultaat. Dat is de formule.

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